The Digital Ice Pack

KHIO is your hyper-cooling headband for on-the-go pain relief

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Experience the Cooling Power

KHIO is a hyper-cooling headband that uses specialized electronic plates to create a nearly instant cool surface. Worn on the forehead, KHIO provides instant relief in lieu of an ice pack.

Benefit from Targeted Technology

Cooling therapy offers rapid relief by constricting blood vessels and reducing inflammation, alleviating throbbing pain, light and sound sensitivity, and nausea. KHIO's customizable cooling levels empower you to tailor your soothing experience, making it a reliable and effective companion on your journey towards pain relief.

Control & Track with the KHIO App

Get to know your migraine triggers and personalize your cooling sessions with the user-friendly KHIO app.

The Complete KHIO System

The Cooling Headband & Journaling App for Enhanced Control

Meet the Digital Ice Pack

Immediate cooling at the touch of a button. Made for pain relief whenever you need it.

  • User Friendly App

    Temperature controls and migraine tracking at your fingertips

  • Long Life

    3 Hour battery life that outlasts the relief of any ice pack

  • Comfort

    Adjustable strap that forms comfortably around your head

  • Custom Cooling Settings

    Adjustable levels allow user to dial in preferred level of cooling

Cooling Therapy is Proven to Reduce Pain Symptoms

Reduce Swelling of Blood Vessels
Increase Blood Flow
Provide Cooling Pain Relief

Real thoughts, from real users:

“I loved the cooling affect without the risk of leaking water from ice and no worries of it falling off while laying down. I really love the concept and can’t wait to see the final product! I really plan to get one once it’s ready for purchase!”

Susan suffers from 10+ migraine days per month and does not currently use cooling to remedy her migraine pain. She tested KHIO for 1 month and shared that is decreased her pain from a 10 to a 2, stating it was light weight and comfortable.